Racing in this country has undergone some radical changes in
the last few years. A chassis design revolution has taken place
at Indianapolis, the cars of this new era dominate at the speed-
way and on the Championship Trail. However, on the short
tracks throughout the country, while the coming of the new era
seems inevitable, the cars have as yet remained unchanged. This
situation is very unfortunate for the sport because the new chassis
offer many advantages over the obsolete equipment now being run.
It also places the young Sprint or Modified driver, with an eye towards
Championship racing, in a difficult post\ition, because he is no longer
gaining any knowledge of equipment resembling the type in which he
some day hopes to compete. The importance of chassis know how can
be seen in the difficulty many of the Indianapolis drivers, some with
years of track racing experience, are having in adjusting to the new type
of car. If things do not change in this traditional Indianapolis traning
ground the next generation of speedway drivers may well come from
some other form of racing
This article, written by Don, appeared in all of his catalogs from 1964 until he sold the business.